Harriman Hikers November Notes

“Spring forward, Fall back”

At 2am tomorrow (Sunday, November 3rd, 2013) at 2am we change to Eastern Standard Time (EST). Most people simply turn all their clocks BACK one hour for EST before they go to bed on Saturday night.

Alternate Hike Leader Milestone Birthday Celebration Sunday Nov 10

Alternate Hike Leader (and Harriman Hikers biggest fan!) Mary Jockel will be celebrating a milestone birthday this year!

Mary will be leading the regular Sunday, November 10th Hike and everyone is invited to join the group afterward at Mahwah Bar and Grill (MBG), a popular HH apres-hike venue for many years.

If you are planning to attend but will not be on the hike, please RSVP by email to harrimanhikers@gmail.com with the subject line, “RSVP Nov 10″… and the number of people you are rsvp’ing for (i.e. yourself = (1), yourself and a date = (2). We need to give MBG an idea of how many guests to expect.

Other Details:

  • Typically, the group arrives at MBG btn 5:30-6pm, initially meeting in the bar area. Full details about Harriman Hikers regular Sunday Hikes may be found on the Harriman Hikers Website Homepage
  • Birthday presents are not requested, however, please bring sufficient cash to pay for your meal / beverages / 7% sales tax, including a 20% tip for service by the wait staff. You can get an idea of the MBG menu and prices here; Daily Specials here. Attire is casual.
Mary Jockel - Harriman Hikers
Mary Jockel – Harriman Hikers

Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Hike

It is almost that time again – bring those leftovers to the hike for a moving feast in the woods on Sunday, November 31st, 2013! Additional Details

Harriman Hikers Group Photo - 2012 Sunday-After-Thanksgiving Hike (Flickr)
The image above is from our 2012 Sunday-after-Thanksgiving-Day-Hike. The “Thanksgiving Hike” is normally very well attended. We generally all bring our Turkey-Day leftovers and do a mild hike, during which, at lunchtime, the feastings are re-feasted upon. This photo represents a good cross section of the people you might meet hiking with us. – Gene, Hike Leader, Sept. 2004. (updated yearly by Webmaster.) Go here for more Harriman Hikers Thanksgiving Hike pics
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