Winter in Harriman State Park, NY

This post will be an ongoing update of photos we use for the home page header during the Winter months of 2009.

The photo below shows Big Hill Shelter after the snow / ice storm the weekend of January 10 / 11, 2009. Special thanks to Mary for looking back over her shoulder and noticing this view as were headed down the hill from the shelter after lunch!


The photo below depicts Pine Meadow Lake (named for the impressive pine tree that grows along one of its shores?) in Harriman State Park, NY on a sunny Sunday afternoon during the Winter.


Pine Meadow Lake is one of the best known and visited lakes in Harriman State Park. As you can see, Harriman Hikers visits this lake even during the Winter months (from Harriman Hikers home page):

What is Harriman Hikers?

  • Harriman Hikers is a hiking club for single adults of all ages. We meet up for hiking EVERY SUNDAY at 11:30 am in the South Parking Lots, Field B-1, of the Ramapo College of New Jersey on Route 202 in Mahwah, NJ. MAPS ANOTHER MAP

  • Founded in 1974, Harriman Hikers is one of the longest-existing outdoors singles groups in the NYCNJHudson Valley, NY area!
  • About Our Hikes

  • Harriman Hikers hikes are what many would consider “intermediate level”, which is to say, “hikers should be in good physical condition and under prevailing weather conditions, capable of hiking 7-8 miles over hilly and rocky wilderness terrain where some hills can be steep”.
  • Hiking boots and a light duty backpack or fannypack are recommended. Please dress appropriately for the season and weather, with brisk activity in mind; bring plenty of drinking water and your own lunch. Otherwise, no special equipment is needed.

    Hiking need not be confined to the Spring, Summer and Fall months, in fact, contrary to arguably contrary belief, Winter hiking can be quite healthful and enjoyable. One need only be dressed and prepared appropriately for cold weather.

    Harriman Hikers invites you to join us for a refreshing, invigorating hike this Winter!

    Harriman Hikers
    A New York – New Jersey Singles Hiking Club, established 1974



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