News From Gene – Spring 2008

News From Gene – Spring 2008

Some newer members of Harriman Hikers may not have had an opportunity (yet 😉 to meet our Hike Leader Emeritus, Gene Doleschal.

Gene was the Hike Leader of Harriman Hikers for 18 years before fulfilling a long-time dream of living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in 2005, where he currently resides (and hikes! 😉

Gene is very good about staying in touch and recently sent the photographs below of Springtime in the Whites (click each photo for a better view 🙂 :

On the way up the Crystal Cascade is a torrent of water

The Tuckerman Ravine from the Hermit Lake. Note the hikers above the brook and at 2’oclock on top. They may be skiers, I cannot tell. The real crazies ski down the middle and jump over the rocks. The “timid” ones ski down the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. All have to wait until March/April when the danger of avalanches has passed. Here you can see why this is called “the bowl”.

Crazy (extreme) skiers hiking up to ski down the Ravine

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