Skannatati Twilight

Lake Skanati

in Harriman State Park, NY is one of the Seven Lakes for which the main park thoroughfare, Seven Lakes Drive is named.

The boat launch / parking lot located at Lake Skannatati provides convenient, plentiful parking for our group as well as easy access to several trails we hike on frequently, not to mention allowing us an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the lake itself.
Lake Skannatati is pictured here as the last withering bit of golden daylight falls on the reeds to the far right, while most of the rest of the lake is already bathed in twilight.

Skanatati Twilight

Click the photo for a better view 🙂
A cropped version of the photo above has been featured in the header section of the home page of the Harriman Hikers website. For past photos featured on our website, please check this page.

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