Website Upgrade

Well, it was “time”…

The old website just sort of gave up the ghost. Time to put the ol’ hoss out to pasture.

I’m gettin’ all misty…

In any case, we got a great run out of our old website – it was using much of the same code it was originally built with in 2004… which in internet years places its birth in a range that to us would be somewhere between the Jurrassic and Paleozoic Periods!

Alas, it was starting to be held together with duct tape and Elmer’s Glue and it had a bad hip…

Somebody wrote to us and said it had started emailing out old posts!

We are very excited about the new site! We are very fortunate we have been able to retain the content that we feel is most important and in choosing the WordPress site platform, we have lots of room to grow with the web in the years to come.

We hope you like it and are as excited as we are!

p.s. those of you that read the blog please be advised it has been integrated into the main website– all the old posts are here (hint: use the tags, search box (on the sidebar of most pages) or run thru the sitemap to find what you are looking for) and new blog posts will be posted and appropriately tagged right here on the main website.

– Webmaster

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