Harriman Hikers News Feb-Mar 2007

Greetings Harriman Hikers!

After a temporary, but much needed sabatical, Harriman Hikers Newsletter is tanned, rested and ready to write stuff!

We hope everyone is well and enjoying (or making the best of, depending on your point of view;-) this lovely Winter of 2007. After a somewhat balmy start, Winter FINALLY seemed to arrive around the beginning of February and with that, temps and weather in general in have seemed to be on par with other Winters past.

It seems like we have had just enough snow to enhance the beauty of the forests we hike in without making the going too tough; this is cold comfort (pun TOTALLY intended;-) for the skiers in our midst, ski conditions locally have been pretty skimpy for the most part for cross-country skiers, however there have been some reports lately of good skiing locally at favorites such as Fahnestock Winter Park and Minnewaska State Park. Mohonk, in the ‘Gunks could be pretty good right now as well as destinations further north in the Catskills and on up to the Adirondacks and western New York State. Downhill skiers have always needed to go on the road for the most part and recently, significant snowfall upstate and around New England is surely making these folks happy.

Lest anyone forget, we would like to remind one and all that the Harriman Hikers hike EVERY Sunday, rain or shine, snow or sleet! We meet up for hiking EVERY SUNDAY at 11:30 am in the South Parking Lots, Field B-1, of the Ramapo College of New Jersey on Route 202 in Mahwah, NJ. MAPS

We’ll be there- will you?

Our website publication, Harriman Hikers Guide to Winter and Cold Weather Hiking has proven for many to be a valuable source of information for outfitting themselves for hiking comfortably during the colder weather. You can probably hike more comfortably than you imagine, it’s not overly expensive to dress right and you can pretty much buy anything you don’t already have locally. Winter is an excellent time to get out and hike as many of us tend to become somewhat sedentary when the the weather turns cold. Do your health a favor and take a hike!

Ed and Greg have been busy planning new hike routes and if you have been hiking with with us you know what I’m talkin’ bout! We continue to hike to many of the hike destinations we are all very familiar with, but Ed and Greg, as well as having expert general knowledge of the trails, are both extremely talented and creative when it comes planning hike routes. There seems to be no end to to the trail combinations and routes our hike leaders use to plan hikes for each Sunday. Ed has a personal interest in exploring and utilizing disused or abandoned trails and in sharing these routes with us, Ed has introduced us to many routes and areas of the parks previously unknown and/or unexplored by many of the rest of us.

Ed has an additional hike coming up on Saturday March 17th.Ed Burdzy will lead an additional hike Saturday, Mar 17th, 2007. Please read all the way thru this announcement as the meetup time is earlier than usual for Ed’s hikes and the destination for this hike is pre-determined.

AlsoRain cancels the Sat Mar 17th Hike. In the event of rain this hike will be rescheduled for the following Saturday, Mar 24th.

The Sat Mar 17th, 2007 hike is in addition-to and does not replace or affect Harriman Hikers regular Sunday Hike. Harriman Hikers meets every Sunday for hiking, rain or shine, year-round, as we have for over 30 years.

The Sat Mar 17th, 2007 is coordinated privately by Harriman Hikers Hike Leader, Ed Burdzy. Please contact Ed by phone 973-471-0492 for questions or more info about this hike.

Hike destination will be Minnewaska State Park, Gardiner, NY.

Meetup for Ed’s hike on Saturday, Mar 17th, 2007 will be 9:30am (please note this an earlier meetup than usual for Ed’s hikes!) in the south (public) end of the parking lot at the Mason Jar Restaurant on Route 202 in Mahwah, NJ. Map

Hikers in good physical condition are welcome to join Ed’s hike. If you have hiked with the Harriman Hikers and can handle the usual 7-8 miles of hiking over hilly, rocky terrain in warm weather, then you are a likely candidate for Ed’s Saturday, Mar 17th, 2007 Hike; however, please note that as the daylight hours get longer, Ed’s hikes tend to be more ambitious than Harriman Hikers’ regular Sunday hikes.

Contact Ed Burdzy 973-471-0492 for questions and more info.

Our website has a few upgrades worth noting- it’s now easier than ever to receive our news and stay informed of upcoming events!

Look on the right hand column on our homepage you will see that there are now options to:
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[b]Harriman Hikers Blog[/b] allows us to note and write about different bits of info we occasionally stumble upon (or even look for) on the internet that is related, not so much to Harriman Hikers directly, but more to singles/outdoors in a larger, broader sense.If you are someone who spends a considerable amount of time on the internet reading outdoors and/or singles items and would like to share what you find as well as some of your thoughts, there is a good possibility we would love to have you blog with us. Please contact us if this is something that interests you. If we seem like a good fit for each other we’ll be happy to set you up an author account on our blog.
We use WordPress, so you dont need a computer sciences degree to be a blogger; in fact WordPress is about as user-friendly as blog software comes. Blogging is similar to, and about as complicated as sending an email message.

[b]Photo Galleries![/b] [b]Last Uploads + more to come- stay tuned![/b]

We anticipate finding out about lots of additional activities during the course of the year. We include announcements about events we like think the group might like in our newsletter and on the homepage of our website. If you have an appropriate event you would like to publicize (i.e. outdoors and singles related or of other probable interest to our group) let us know *at least* 1.5 months in advance and give us all the details and we will consider helping you publicize it. Often the best thing to do initially is to casually and pleasantly “float” your idea to the group on the hike and feel out level of interest.

Here are the ground rules:

– Commercial interests ARE NOT WELCOME.
– We may publicize, (or decline to publicize) any event for any reason, at our sole discretion.
– Email event announcements are made as part of our regular newsletter. We do not make special email announcements for additional events, i.e. neccesary cancellations or changes to events we have agreed to help promote will be posted on our website; we do not make special email announcements regarding additional events.
– We will only consider an event announcement for inclusion in our newsletter if there is at least a 1.5 month lead time and advance notice. Longer is better.
– We can make announcements on our website, but please don’t expect them to appear immediately. All efforts on our part are voluntary and unfortunately, often, other aspects of life, i.e. making a living or other personal matters interfere with our Harriman Hikers fun.
– Please dont ask us to make an announcement on our website, especially on short notice and expect that announcement to drive participation in in your event. We should be considered a part and not the whole of the promotional campaign of your event.
– We generally do not publicize or promote additional events occurring on a Sunday as that is our regular hiking day.

Wishing all a happy and healthful March 2007,
Harriman Hikers
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Harriman Hikers- A New York - New Jersey Singles Hiking Club

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