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Stabilicers, manufactured by 32 North, Inc., Biddeford, ME, is the brand name of a foot product made to provide firm footing in icy conditions.

Metal cleats are attached to a rubber shoe sole which is then secured to the foot using nylon straps and velcro.

Such foot products are often loosely referred to as “ice cleats” or “crampons”.

Note: in a more specific sense, “crampons” actually define a different type of long-tined product made specifically for ice climbing, but we tend to use the term interchangeably.

Stabilicers sell for btn $40 and $50 and are available directly from the manufacturer or at many local outdoors stores.

Many members of Harriman Hikers own and wear Stabilicers during the Winter hiking season; after different hikers tried many different products available on the market, the consensus seems to be that Stabilicers, effective at providing traction in icy hiking conditions and while slightly more expensive in the short run than most of the other products, are made to the highest quality standards and therefore are less likely to present the hassle of having to be replaced or repaired.

It was with this information that I went to the 32 North website after a hike several Sundays ago and odered a pair of Stabilicers online. I was pleased and amazed that my order arrived Tuesday!

The next Sunday I wore my Stabilicers on the hike and was a little disappointed when, toward the end of the hike, I discovered I had lost about 10 of the metal cleats, however, thru the duration the icy, snow covered hike, I always had improved footing.

Many other hikers have been using Stabilicers in similar conditions for a number of years without losing significant quantities of cleats so I was curious if my pair somehow were defective.

On Monday, I called 32 North to let them know about the problems I had with my pair of Stabilicers and Doug Norton (the person I spoke to) gave me their UPS account number and requested that I send my Stabilicers to their factory overnight express.

Today, Thursday, I was once again surprised and delighted that my return merchandise order had been processed and returned to my door and I was even more impressed that my Stabilicers had been repaired, but an additional free pair! accompanied by a very sincere hand written letter from Doug thanking me for my feedback and affirming in its contents that the extra pair was not a mistake. Doug mentioned in his letter that my original pair did not appear to be defective and emphasized that “Stabilicers are not intended to be used as crampons for rock or ice wall climbing”.

THAT’S what I call SERVICE and with that I would like to nominate Stabilicers as “Official Ice Cleat of Harriman Hikers”.

signed, a pleased customer,

R. Richard Hobbs | Webmaster and Fellow Hiker

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