Thanksgiving Sunday Hike Nov 26th 2006

Its the main event! Our tutti-frutti!

Yes folks, its our

Every year as far back as any of us can remember, on the Sunday following Thanksgiving, Harriman Hikers has held an easy hike with the intention sharing leftover (as well as specially prepared) gastronomical goodies and the spirit of the holiday with other hiking friends and family.

Traditionally, as if by magic, old friends tend to materialize and join the hike for this special day. Turnouts of 50-60 people are not unusual.

-Regular Meeting time 11:30 am. No fee is charged for this hike.

-Expect a mild 3-5 mile hike to a wilderness shelter for several hours of feasting and socializing.

-Bring Thanksgiving leftovers to share. Dishes prepared especially for the hike are welcome as well!

-Bring beverages of your choice to share.

-Family members, including children old enough to handle a 3-5 mile round trip hike are welcome.


Harriman Hikers
A NewYork/ New Jersey Singles Hiking Club
Established 1974

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