Happy New Year From Harriman Hikers!

Harriman Hikers would like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and
Prosperous New Year for 2006. Make your New Year’s resolutions to
“Hike More and Stay Fit!”



We have lots of new pictures in the Harriman Hikers Photo Gallery:

including several new albums:
From Greg & Steve’s trip up to Gene’s in New Hampshire in the late
Fall, we now have
begun a White Mountains Album (we will add more NH pics as we get them
from Gene) and an Adirondacks Winter Album from Rich Hobbs’ trip to
Lake Placid.

We would like to specially thank our Contributing Photographer Hikers
Tatyana Smushkova, Ron Vitale, Lin Goetz, Dan Yukon and Doug Williams
for their photos which you will find in our Hiking Pictures Album.

As always, we encourage everyone to bring their cameras hiking and
appreciate any hiking/landscape photos you might wish to share with the group.

If you have an outdoors photo project and you need a venue for your work,
please contact us and we will try to help you.


Last weekend we hiked the Tuxedo Mount Ivy Trail (TMI) from its
eastern starting point in Suffern, NY off Rt. 202 to Big Hill Shelter.
We have been to Big Hill Shelter in Harriman State Park many times in
the past, but never along this route (the most popular route has
traditionally been from St. John’s Church in the Wilderness on Lake
Welch Drive). We have many new and exciting hikes planned for 2006 so
dont miss a thing!

Conversely, we would like to remind everyone that we do NOT schedule
hike destinations. This means we cannot tell you exactly where we will
be hiking for a future Sunday. The decision where to hike is the Hike
Leader’s and the Hike Leader makes that decision the morning of the
hike with the group’s best interests in mind, taking into
consideration many factors, including weather and trail conditions,
size and abilities of the group and available parking at the


In exchange for the Ramapo College of New Jersey in Mahwah, NJ
graciously allowing us to meet in the B-1 Parking Lot, we are very
happy to waive our $6.00 fee for any RC Student or Staff that wishes
to hike with us. If you’re a Ramapo College Road Runner, we welcome


We keep getting famous-er and famous-er! Our “Harriman Hikers Guide to
Winter and Cold Weather Hiking”
has been accepted for publication in the internet outdoors e-zine Real
Travel Adventures http://www.realtraveladventures.com/ for next
October. RTA has asked for some photos to accompany the article, so start
coming dressed in your best gaiters and crampons!

In the meantime, please check out the Real Travel Adventures website-
there are some really great stories to read there.

Do you like to write about the outdoors or all things hiking? If you
need an outlet for your creativity, please let us know, we would love
to help you get published.

…and don’t be surprised when you are on the trails and passing hikers
ask for your autograph! 😉

Elvis has left the building.


We have a request for volunteer(s) from a physical therapist who has a
patient who is very athletic but was injured and is presently
disabled. This male patient needs someone to hike with him. The
therapist will train people interested in working with this man. If
you can help, please contact us and we will pass along further
details. harrimanhikers@gmail.com


Jennifer Lipins writes to us: “I met this girl who works for an
organization that is looking for outdoor-oriented people who can lead
hikes through the Grand Canyon. They need to have compassing skills,
etc., to teach the group. The leader in turn goes for free.”

If this volunteer opportunity is something you think you might be
interested in please contact us and we will pass along more details
and contact info. harrimanhikers@gmail.com


We have been working very hard this Winter to build page rank with Google
and other internet search engines as well as placing our group in
resource directory listings. This translates into more exposure for
the group and more people that will want to check us out and hike with us.
If you know of an outdoors or singles website that might be
interested in exchanging links with us or that might want to list us
as a resource for singles hiking activities please let us know.


Garden State Ski Club has an opening they are trying to fill for their
annual Lapland Lakes Cross Country Ski Trip Jan 27-29. $215 includes
skiing Fri/Sat/Sun, lodging Fri/Sat nights in a tupa at Lapland Lakes,
meals. Male prefferred. Contact Ron Vitale for more details


In closing, please remember, we hike year-round!

Please read our Winter Hiking Guide which will help prepare you for
hiking comfortably in the cold weather.

When/if we get more snow we want to organize a snowshoe hike. Stay
tuned and pray for snow!

Don’t be a “fair-weather friend”. We miss you!

See you on the trails-

Ed Burdzy, Hike Leader
Greg Paret, Hike Leader
R. Richard Hobbs, Webmaster

Harriman Hikers
A North NJ Singles Hiking Club
Established 1974

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