Hike Destinations Are Not Pre-Scheduled

New and potential hikers frequently ask for a hiking schedule or want to know ahead of time which hike we are going to do on a given Sunday or where such a hike might go.

Please note that the decision where to hike is made every Sunday morning by the hike leader for that day which allows us maximum flexibility to adjust to changing weather conditions. If the weather is sunny and pleasant we hike to mountain tops to enjoy the scenery, if it is cold or rains we hike to a shelter where we keep warm by a fire. In the heat of the summer we hike to lakes. Other factors that go into the decision as to where to hike includes the size of the group and the availability of parking. A hiking schedule would not allow us to do that.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Eugene Doleschal, Hike Leader Emeritus, May 2005

Harriman Hikers
A North New Jersey Singles Hiking Club | Established 1974

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